Fishing for Kids 1.5.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: YovoGames Android Version:5.0 The Size:22M Current Version:1.5.8
Date:Dec 21, 2022

App Review

Fishing for Kids MOD is yet another of the outstanding educational games for children from Voyo. The idea behind educational games is to design them so children do not know that they are being taught anything. This little game is a great example of how it is done.

Fishing for Kids is about fishing. Parents who like fishing will naturally want to teach their children about fishing. The game is designed to appeal to young children. There is none of the real world violence or gore involved in this fishing expedition. A nice friendly looking little kitten goes a boating in a boat that is way too small for the kitten. You can see all of the fish. You can see the sunken ships, rocks, shell creatures, and even a can of worms on the bottom.

Playing Fishing for Kids is simple enough for very young children. Being able to see the fish helps develop eye hand coordination. The fish can be caught on any part of their body so the frustration level is pretty low. The color is very dramatic. The fish may never be seen in the real world but the odd colors will help stimulate children’s imaginations. The scoring is initially very forgiving. There is a timer so children begin to learn real world lessons. The controls are two to three buttons so the game is easy to learn and your child can proceed to more difficult levels of play rapidly producing a feeling of accomplishment.

  • The game has brilliant colors and a large number of fish.
  • Game is recommended for two years of age and older.
  • There are 20 selectable levels of difficulty.
  • Each caught fish makes a funny facial expression.
  • Rapid pace keeps children involved.

Fishing for Kids is a nice little game you can play with your baby. The game can be your child’s first phone learning experience. They will need those phone skills. This is a pleasant and entertaining game that develops useful skills. Older children who like fishing will like this as well.

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