Flip Diving 3.5.60 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: MotionVolt Games Ltd Android Version:4.4 Current Version:3.5.60
Date:Sep 06, 2022

App Review

Flip Diving MOD – If you’re the type of person who enjoys venturing to exotic locales to participate in cliff diving without even having to leave your bed, Flip Diving is the perfect game to add to your collection. The beautiful graphics allow the player to feel as if they are truly there.

This game has risen to the top of the cliff diving simulation genre and offers players the chance to pull off a series of gainers, back flips and front flips. There are also a number of different locations to select from, including trampolines, castles and trees. You’ll also have some well-designed, yet rickety platforms to choose from, as well as several high cliffs.

Game play is top notch, with a custom physics engine that is designed to enhance its level of realism. You’re also given a wide range of divers to select from and getting started is incredibly simple. Gamers who can aim for the water and steer clear of the rocks are rewarded with access to new moves and tricks.

Flip Diving comes with a number of fun features and attributes that are designed to enhance your level of enjoyment, including:

  • A bevy of fun diving tricks to learn and master, such as pikes, reverses and layouts. Each trick has also been dynamically animated with the use of ragdoll physics to add to its realism.
  • A massive cast of characters to choose from. You can play as a bodybuilder, a business executive or even wear a penguin costume if you so choose.
  • Over 50 different jumping platforms to select from and several diver choices who all possess different weights and jumping abilities.
  • The chance to record your very best dives and show them off to family and friends.

Flip Diving offers an entertaining gaming experience and I found this game to be highly addictive. For more information about other addictive games like this one, be sure to check back regularly.

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