Fruit Ninja® 3.32.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: Halfbrick Studios Android Version:4.4 The Size:155M Current Version:3.32.0
Date:Apr 06, 2023

App Review

Fruit Ninja MOD – This game is as addictive as ever. All you have to do is to keep swiping the fruits to slice them. You will get more points as you slice through. Unfortunately, bombs hide in the middle of the fruits. So, if you mistakenly slice through any bomb, it is game over.

The fruits become faster as your level increases. The frequency with which bombs appear also increases as your level increases. This game is said to be played by millions of people all over the world. There is no doubt, it offers an immersive and engaging game play. The colorful themes are another reason for its success.

Fruit Ninja offers three original game modes. These modes are arcade mode, Zen mode and Classic mode. All of them are equally interesting. Nothing motivates a player more than seeing their names on the list of players with the highest scores. There are boosters like double score, frenzy bananas and freeze bananas to help you get even higher scores. Double-score doubles your points while freeze bananas slows down the speed of the fruits to allow you slice as many fruits as possible. Frenzy bananas increase the number of fruits that will be coming up for you to slice. All of them work for just a minute before they disappear.

There are a few power-ups that make the game even more interesting. The peachy time gives additional time. Another power up is bomb deflect that renders you invincible to the effect of bomb blast.

Some of the wonderful features of the game are:

  • It has several other modes apart from the three original modes
  • It offers a leader board that lists the names of the players with the highest scores
  • The gameplay is highly immersive and addictive
  • The levels are endless
  • There are several prizes to be won

It has been downloaded and installed over half a billion times. It works well on Android 4.0.3 or above.

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