Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime 6.0.0r MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Gameloft SE Android Version:5.0 The Size:50M Current Version:6.0.0r
Date:Mar 29, 2023

App Review

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime MOD – Popular mobile developer, Gameloft has been known for producing top-notch games. Cue the latest in the series, the Gangstar Vegas, also known as the mafia don of mobile devices street crime games. Collecting some of its influence from the violence-filled callous cityscapes which is similar to Grand Theft Auto, in this game, you get to steal the cars and drive them. You can also engage in a hot shootout or even beat random people up.

Being based on Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row is not a bad thing, but these are mobile games that have caught the imagination of many gamers for years now. What affects this game are the controls. They are fiddly and do not always do all you want them to. But the game’s incredible graphics covers any other shortcomings it may have. Due to its amazing graphics which are in the console league, it weighs a staggering 2.5GB.

The game’s voice acting is excellent, the story missions (as well as side missions) are an absolute treat and well planned in terms of providing maximum fun. When you get better, you’ll be rewarded so you can have a better fire power.  It is a deep game, and it tries to offer that sandbox feel of Grand Theft Auto. A little annoying feature is the excess of on-screen graphics. The game has way too many of them, whether it’s the controls, the map, the weapons or the actions. This would be all fixed if they worked exactly as you would want them to. However, their lack of response may get in the way. This can ruin your game at a very critical moment. We sincerely hope this will be resolved in an update. Despite it, the game I still addictive and fun to play. Play the game here or check our extensive list of mobile games.

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