Gear.Club – True Racing 1.26.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gold)

Developer: Eden Games Android Version:4.3 Current Version:1.26.0
Date:Jul 21, 2020

App Review

Gear.Club – True Racing MOD – Eden Games, the developers of Test Drive Unlimited and V-Rally series for mobile, has developed yet another accomplished combination of sim-like trappings and intuitive arcade handling. This game has some familiar staples such as driver aids and color coded racing line guides. The cars in this game practically drives themselves. The hand-holding feature can be tweaked to a very suitable degree by using the menu, allowing drivers with all kind of skills to find the best handling for them.

The racing in this game heads towards a more realistic aspect of things, as players get to take control of real world racing cars and take part in races holding your brakes carefully and tuning your car adjustments to get full control and speed of your car. This game has a lot of car divisions and leagues, and every event in this game is either a straightforward racing or a form of a time trial. Races in this game are usually about a minute. Outside of racing, there are a handful of facilities and car management. The management mainly has to do with the player tuning his car and replacing some old parts with new parts.

This game has a little bit of base building in it, as it task players to create a motor club, full of gear head mechanics that will work on your car together with engineers to make new facilities in your garage. This game is free to play, so most of its functions are fraught with currencies, timers and other limiting mechanics.

Some of the game features include

  • Experience True Racing
  • Collect the World’s Fastest Hyper Cars
  • Race Through Breathtaking Arenas
  • Total Tuning Freedom

Gear.Club true racing is a great racing game. It has awesome game experience and very straightforward control. One other amazing thing about this game is its stunning realistic graphics, real-world cars, and great sound track.

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