Geometry Dash Lite 2.2.11 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Developer: RobTop Games Android Version:5.0 Current Version:2.2.11
Date:Jun 13, 2022

App Review

Geometry Dash Lite MOD runs on iPhone and iPad, and it lets you build a character to cross over geometric hazards. The character slides along and must jump — at the proper time. It is a jumping game, and the player must jump their customized character over geometric hazards. Players can initially pick from any one of four characters, a saw blade, a space plane, an orb or a flying saucer. Each of these may be customized using two color options.  Immediately you pick your character; you enter into completing each level in either practice mode or normal mode. There are about seven levels generally, and you get a completion percentage during the game.

The game is fun, and as you pass through the levels, you receive a different feel for every level. The first, for instance, is known as Stereo Madness. Also, there are many stereo-like obstacles. The third level is called Polargeist, and this one requires the player to continue jumping and also use the triple and double jumps to move higher and go further in the game.

There are also orbs to pick, lightening to avoid, along with all kinds of great challenges. Pros of the game

• Free levels

• The full version has lots of fun characters to select from.

• Different difficulty levels.

• Players can mark their progress by percentage completed Cons of the game

• None so far The game is really fun to play.

The rules are simple; jump the customized character over some geometric obstacles, but that is very so easy. As you progress, the game’s obstacles become bigger and bigger, and your character’s slip off the hazards and crash into pits of spikes easily. This can be both motivating and annoying! Players can keep going back again to try to jump the levels. So, the game is generally fun and looks amazing.

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