GunboundM 1.0.578 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: DargomStudio Android Version:4.4 Current Version:1.0.578
Date:May 23, 2023

App Review

GunboundM MOD is an original strategic steer-based game where players choose from 28 rare mobile artillery machines and direct their way to victory. It was published by softnyx, and it has a low player base which is characterized by an artillery strategy.

It is a 2d based artillery game. Hence, it involves taking the turn in killing each other, and you can fully download it easily and quickly. A tutorial is provided so you can have a knowledge of this game even before you start. The tutorial is very comprehensive, and it will cover every particular of the game.

Powerful avatars in which your characters wear to be powerful is made available after the tutorial, so necessarily you begin the game with a level of knowledge of it and a good number of avatars.

Players must move, use items, aim and shoot to take the edge of ground and weather so as to claim victory. The game provides 28 different bots, five modes, and comprehensive avatar customization. You can also go to the shop in search of items such as battle items, gears, and pets. Gunbound is also characterized by a guild system, custom-made game rooms and an enchant-jewel-level system.

The raging battle of GunboundM’s planet of and is revived by fantastic 2D graphics along with 3D maps.

Gunbound Specific characteristics include

  • Factoring in weather: Which means that map appears in different weather factors and players must be observant when aiming, firing and moving
  • Character customization: array your avatars with not just stat-boasting gear but also with cosmetic gear and to set yourself apart.
  • Various mobile machine: you can pick from 28 bots, each of them with their rare moves and ways of firing.
  • Five different game modes: maintain pleasure by playing the different modes, like tag, in a situation where players have double bots and can move between them.
  • Create or join a guild: For you to obtain points or rank, you have to play together with others in a guild
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