Gunman Taco Truck 1.2.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Romero Games Ltd. Android Version:4.0.3 The Size:17M Current Version:1.2.4
Date:May 09, 2018

App Review

Gunman Taco Truck MOD – It is safe to say that there simply aren’t many games out there like Gunman Taco Truck and this is definitely the sort of title that delivers on its exact promise. Gunman Taco Truck takes players on a wild ride, as they are tasked with bringing a taco truck through a crazy journey.

The titular taco truck needs to be piloted through the post apocalyptic United States and the player’s objective is to shoot their way through the turmoil and make their way to Winnipeg, Canada. There are currently zero taco trucks there and by getting your family there in one piece, you will finally be able to thrive.

The graphics have somewhat of an old school feel that matches the game play and this is a game that can be picked up and played by gamers of any skill level. The premise is addictive and the hardest part of all might be putting it down once you have gotten started. Gunman Taco Truck also comes with a number of excellent features to enhance the experience, such as:

  • Several weapons to use while navigating your taco truck through the horde of mutants attempting to take you out.
  • The chance to blast said mutants into taco meat, which is then served to the starving citizens of the towns that you are traveling through.
  • The ability to collect money and scrap metal, which is then used to upgrade your vehicle, as well as pick up supplies and gas to help you stay alive over the long haul.

Gunman Taco Truck is the rare game that lays out its entire premise in the title and not only did it meet my expectations, it also exceeded them. For more information about other unique and interesting gaming titles like this one, be sure to utilize this website as your one stop shop.


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