Developer: JOYCITY Corp. Android Version:4.0.3 --
Date:Jun 01, 2021

App Review

GUNSHIP BATTLE MOD – This sophisticated war game features 28 missions in four episodes. Designed and developed by The One Games, the air combat/ simulation game – Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D – can be played even without constant internet connection. Different types of helicopters are available for piloting, however, this depends on the current anti-air and anti-ground missions.

As a player, you can select the helicopters you want to use to complete your next mission abroad a carrier which is your main base of operations. This is where you can also make necessary replacements for your equipment. Every beginner must start off with “Little Bird” (a default helicopter). It is important to understand that Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D is a free-to-play game. Powerful and more advanced helicopters are only available for purchase which can be made with credits. To do this, you need to successfully complete missions. From more futuristic Dragon Ship (as featured in the popular movie “Avatar”) to real-life popular choppers like Comanche, Black Hawk, Hind, and Huey, the in-game store’s inventory features a range of sophisticated helicopters.

Every mission is performed in fixed map areas. Here, players are required to finish certain objectives like destroying naval targets or various ground targets. Most interestingly, these choppers do not run out of firepower because they have an unlimited amount of ammo. However, their amount of health is limited. When destroying buildings, you will find a green Health/Repair symbol which usually comes up in the middle of the battle. Use it to restore your chopper’s health or make necessary repairs. Ensure to fly over them right on time, because item pickups or drops like these do not last long, they disappear so soon.

You are generally advised that you combat and annihilate your enemies from a distance since they can be pretty accurate at short range. Your enemies can come in ships, helicopters, watchtowers, armored tanks or even present themselves as puny foot soldiers. As you get connected with this game, don’t forget to share your experience.

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