GX Racing 1.0.101 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: FunGenerationLab Android Version:5.0 The Size:87M Current Version:1.0.101
Date:Oct 09, 2018

App Review

GX Racing MOD is a very exciting motorcycle racing game which was recently launched by a very reputable game producing company known as FunGenerationLab. This game is one of the most highly rated sports game ever. This game gives the player the experience of a real life motor bike racing. This game is packed with a lot of fun and exciting features. This game has awesome graphics and realistic gameplay to enhance the experience. This game supports various modes of play, as the player can race with friends online.

The player gets to become the greatest racer by partaking in dynamic motorbike races and emerging victorious. The player will go through challenges during the races such as driving along hard tracks and performing very deadly and dangerous stunts. The player gets to compete with the strongest and toughest bike racers in the world in this extraordinary android racing game. The game allows you to showcase your motorbike riding potentials and skills on classical race tracks which are located in various part of the world ranging from New York to Tokyo. Winning races allows the player to unlock more powerful and cutting edge motorbikes. There are a lot of superb stylish characters for the player to choose from. The player also has the ability to customize the features of over 20 amazing motorbikes. There are wonderful gameplay skills to be performed by the player such as maximizing the speed of the bike, performing trampoline jumps, performing stunts and somersaulting.

Game Feature

  • Over 20 sophisticated bikes
  • More than 100 motorbike racing tracks.
  • Realistic graphics and physics.
  • Unique control system.

The adventure and excitement of outrunning your opponents and getting to the finish line first are simply amazing. The game uses a G- sensor as control which makes the game more fun to play. The user interface is also tremendous and stylish.

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