HAWK: Airplane Space games

Developer: UPWAKE.ME Android Version:4.4 --
Date:Oct 31, 2023

App Review

HAWK: Airplane Space games MOD – This will be about the most interesting aerial battle game that you will ever come across. It simulates real life situations and it is so engaging. It requires real military tactics to win battles. The kind of weapons available for players is one of the reasons a lot of players are addicted to this wonderful game.

Nothing gives more pleasure than shooting your enemies down one after the other. This is why you won’t be able to put this game down once you start playing it. The sounds of the guns are very captivating and the theme of the game is so real because the graphics is fantastic.

With its endless challenges, it offers unending fun and thrills. You get an endless series of breath-taking battles. This game also allows you to work with a team as your enemies will outnumber you. This is why it is not just about shooting but by adopting a real strategy. The co-op mode gives you the liberty to form alliance with your brothers and friends just to engage in a game that just doesn’t end

You will have a wide range of aircrafts at your disposal and every aircraft is unique. The game is full of action. You will never have a dull moment. This is why it is so immersive. You can’t just play it for 5 minutes and drop it.

Here are some important features

  • Over 100 levels of aerial battles
  • Ability to form alliance with your friends and brothers
  • Several unique modes to spice up the fun
  • Numerous fighter jets, guns and other ammunitions
  • Great attractive visuals
  • Highly engaging gameplay
  • Very responsive game app

It has been downloaded and installed over one million times. Its download size is 216MB. Although it is free to download, there are in-app items that require real money to purchase. There are several ads. You can pay to upgrade to a no-ad version of the game.

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