Hero Zero Multiplayer RPG 2.89.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Playata GmbH Android Version:5.1 Current Version:2.89.0
Date:May 30, 2023

App Review

Hero Zero Multiplayer RPG MOD is a game that offers players the opportunity to come real heroes. This game is a free to play multiplayer RPG game. It believed to be among the most popular and successful online games of its kind. Here, you can create personalized characters as your superheroes. The gameplay is set in an exciting, funny, exhilarating universe. The gameplay universe is set such that it has plenty of criminals, bosses, and villains. Players are to fight and stop crime in this game across the many parts of the world. Doing this allows players become superheroes once they win and conquer the universe. Players have the burden to bring and maintain justice across the universe. Players have access and can upgrade to very powerful gadgets. In this game, players are well equipped to face challenging battles. Players can battle and partake in single player missions.

In Hero Zero Multiplayer RPG, players create powerful battle ready teams with friends. There are opportunities for players to build their own army headquarters. Here, players can build their secret base where to hide against any enemy invasion. This secret-base is built under the house of a player in Humpreydale. To get rewards, players must upgrade and modify their shelter places. To increase their battle efficiency and response ability, players have to upgrade. There is the privilege to compete with other players from across the globe. Players can take part in multiplayer fights and challenging missions


This epic battle ready game offers many features. Once installed players have the privilege to access the following;

  • Access to regular and free updates with addition of new contents
  • Access to free to play mode
  • Ability to create, customize, and personal own hero
  • Ability to select and build one’s team of superheroes
  • Appealing and seamless graphics
  • Access to real time events of villains
  • Access to challenge other heroes
  • Access to play in a PVP and battle ready arena

This game is an epic game that will usher all players into a world of outstanding adventure. Players can become the most successful of all superheroes by playing this game. Why not try to play this game for your world of perfect gaming adventure.

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