Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes 1.36.29 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Diamonds)

Developer: DIVMOB Android Version:5.1 Current Version:1.36.29
Date:May 22, 2023

App Review

Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes MOD – With its realistic animation, playing Heroes Infinity can be amusing. As a player, you will have different sets of heroes to choose from. Because it’s an adventurous game, every stage will require you to unlock special heroes that can help you form a team. The sound effect, as well as the picture quality of the game, is premium giving you a taste of a real epic battle. The purpose of these effects is to facilitate more user engagement having employed the concept of RPG to make the graphics of the game appear like a war zone. So, the game will not bore you because the design is not made for a monotonous battle. As much as you can, you can unlock heroes that will help you enjoy your game time on your mobile.

This game has stages with which your selected heroes can get powered up for every task set for them. As such, participants can conquer territories even if they are as young as seven. This is because the game has mild violence features which cannot terrify its participants. What you must do to enjoy the game is power up your heroes to make them exhibit special skills to win the ongoing war for justice. Moreover, the game has an endless array of battles which game lovers will find irresistible. Here are a few features that accompany the make-up of this game:

  • Power up for chosen heroes for improving moves
  • Unlock special heroes after the end of every epic battle
  • Form a team of heroes to complete various quests

Every phase of the game has battles you have to complete to advance to the next. This is the reason why you have to unlock special heroes to help you finish the phases. You need to power up, rank up or even gear up your heroes to become victorious. If you don’t power them up, there are higher chances of losing you.

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