Homo Evolution: Human Origins 1.6.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: CASUAL AZUR GAMES Android Version:5.1 The Size:48M Current Version:1.6.6
Date:Nov 25, 2022

App Review

Homo Evolution: Human Origins MOD – This is your opportunity to play god in your own little way. With Homo Evolution you can drive on the human evolution by creating your own little world. With this game you can play mad scientist, merging two people to get a new, more modern life form.

As the creator and king, you will be able to populate the planet with a host of unique creatures, from the basic and simple animals to the weird and most unpredictable personalities. The game offers four ways by which players can shape the world as humanity emerges and these are the features the game comes preinstalled with;

  • Beginning: This is the stage of animal evolution, where embryo advances to modern individuals
  • First people: This is the pathway that links the ancient world to the first citizens
  • Spectacle: This is a Bohemia of creativity, which features from poets to crazy party people
  • Bread: This represents a degradation from natural to modified products

The game comes with eight stages of evolution, these include; television, power cult, science, sports, internet, virtualization, and transformation. In order to move to the next, you have to explore each branch fully. Players open the game in the BEGINNING world with the form of a small lizard. Through the combination of two creatures, players can create two more perfect entities. When players tap the last two stages of the game; these are transformation and power cult, they are granted access to worlds that were previously unknown. Homo Evolution: Human Origins comes with a host of worlds for players to explore and recreate.

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