Hustle Castle: Kingdom games 1.70.0

Developer: UPWAKE.ME Android Version:4.4 Current Version:1.70.0
Date:May 28, 2023

App Review

Hustle Castle: Rise of knights MOD – If you have ever wanted to build and organize your own castle, then now is the time. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is a new mobile role-playing game that gives players the opportunity to be lords and rulers of kingdoms in high places.

Now that you have become the lord and master of the fortress, you are automatically faced with the responsibility of protecting every man and woman under your jurisdiction. Train and protect every subject accepted and assign duties to them to perform. Remember your life and that of others under you are in your hands, so keep them safe. Here is what you stand to achieve in the game.

  •  Team up with clans to attack and burn down other castles
  • Build a formidable army to trample against your enemies
  • Assign various roles to your villagers such as treasurers, blacksmiths, scribes, etc.
  • Transform your castle into a fortress

As a Lord who is faced with the responsibility of saving the Princess, you cannot just afford to miss out on this intriguing and fun experience of dominating in the medieval age. When it comes to choosing the storyline and setting for your game, it is always good to note that there is a lot of storylines involved.

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