I Am Monster: Idle Destruction 1.5.8 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Developer: PIKPOK Android Version:4.4 Current Version:1.5.8
Date:Apr 12, 2021

App Review

I Am Monster: Idle Destruction MOD – The more you smash the bigger you grow. This is a smashing game like none before. I AM MONSTER allows you to become the biggest baddest monster to ever dominate a cityscape. Stranded in a strange unknown city, as a giant monster you are left with no other option but to destroy as many things as possible.

You are to rampage and wreak havoc in this colorful world. But here is the tip. The more you wreak the bigger you become. It’s that simple. You can evolve your monster to garner new abilities and expand to ginormous sizes until you become the most powerful monster that has ever been seen. The game come with a list of pre-installed features;

  • Players can build the great unique monster material monster squad
  • The game offers six unique and fully realized monsters that can be collected and upgraded
  • There are unique monster materials available for collection. This can be used for the evolution and growth of each individual monster

As an evolved monster you are typically larger, possess new skills and can unleash more damage than others. As you smash through obstructions and buildings, you reach new areas previously unknown. The game offers a high-quality 3D world which gives a super-satisfying destruction experience.

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