Idle Game 1 2023.8 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Developer: Cem Games Android Version:7.0 Current Version:2023.8
Date:Oct 02, 2023

App Review

Idle Game 1 is a game that is specifically designed for people who have played similar games before. It is all about random upgrades and bonuses that the player has to use to their advantage. There is no one right way to play the game, and each person will have their own unique story depending on how they choose to play. Give it some time and you will see how complex and tactical this type of game can be.
Notes from the developer:
* Prestige cheats are not random, you’ll able to select color & boost type.
* Prestige cheats are single use items meant to carry you forward in the game. More info at:
* Please don’t damage your screens by leaving it on for long hours
* Players with eye problems, please use the ‘low contrast’ mode for long hours of play
* Speed upgrades start to affect earns after maxing out the color speed
* If for some reason (device fail, crash, battery drain etc);

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