Idle Royale Merge Manager RPG 1.90

Developer: Evolution Games - Idle Merge Android Version:5.1 The Size:55M Current Version:1.90
Date:Apr 25, 2023

App Review

Idle Royale Inc. MOD – If you were in search of one of the most intriguing merge based sliding block puzzle that is available on Play Store, then the Idle Royale Tycoon is your best stop. With more than 400 epic weapons and merge to collect, you will definitely be on your way discover and upgrade so as to maximize your idle profit.

The Idle Royale Tycoon is apt for players who love 4×4 puzzle game but do not fancy math and numbers. It is one of the best Battle Royal puzzle game available on Android devices. The game is a unique idea of weapons building which is built on the classic match 2 3 gameplay. You are not expected to plan, rather, all players do is drag and drop the weapon tiles to create larger inventory by the merging of a Rocket launcher, V-coins, AK-47, and epic gliders. Some of the features of the game include;

  • Weapons are dragged and dropped to create similar weapons tile
  • Weapons with the same number merge into one when they touch
  • The game is simple to learn but can be hard to master

The central aim of this game is for players to build a weapon inventory that is as large as possible, via which they can unlock many other different weapons and rarity and secret skins. This Idle Royal sliding block game is apt for gamers who have a particular interest in playing battle royal games. This is the game that allows you to build and own your personal idle weapon inventory.

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