Iron Force 8.031.800 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: COOLFISH GAMES Android Version:4.0.3 Current Version:8.031.800
Date:Jan 11, 2023

App Review

In Iron Force MOD , gamers fight in tanks. A lot of the tanks are too quick, and if you miss a shot, it could cost you due to the long reload times. Therefore, combat tends to be about getting a good position to flank an enemy, instead of simply driving up to shoot them. Like real life, tanks do not have much armor on their rear and sides, and shots to such areas will destroy the enemies quickly. Reloading may take about four seconds or more, so having that perfect shot is more important here as opposed to other multiplayer games.

Iron Force is not short on tanks as well. It has a large selection of tanks, which are all based on historical designs. It is a freemium game, and it is generous with premium currency. It is relatively easy to get a good tank within a short time. Even the basic tanks are capable of holding their own. Besides the premium tanks, there are some that use items such a damage boosts, nitro, and land mines that can be purchased or picked up during each match. Tanks can be upgraded as well to enhance their stats, and the upgrades are on timers.

The game looks fairly average; its tanks are well detailed while the environments look varied enough. However, weapon effects aren’t impressive. Tank cannon also produces small puffs of smoke with unexciting explosions. The tanks don’t show visual damage, and they transform immediately into a wreck when they’re destroyed. A nice touch to this game is that the tanks make sounds when the reloading process is complete like the gamer would expect. It’s quite easy to know when your tank can shoot again. The game has a typical ranking system as can be found in many online combat games. Play the game here, and browse the site for more fun games.