Jewelry King : ZOMBIE DUMB 1.2.4 MOD APK

Developer: mobirixsub Android Version:4.4 The Size:22M Current Version:1.2.4
Date:Nov 17, 2022

App Review

Jewelry King: ZOMBIE DUMB MOD combines the addiction of games like Candy Crush with whatever it is that makes people love zombies. In this instance you are the zombie. You are playing for jewels and bragging rights. This is somewhat of a real-life experience.

The playing surface in Jewelry King: ZOMBIE DUMB is just five screens. You pick the level you want to play at. You pick the jewels you are playing for. You pick a target goal for your win. The playing surface has three panels. You see the game surface and what may be coming. This allows you to plan some strategy. The screen shows your goal, your score, what is coming next, the number of levels of what are coming next, and the number of free runs you have accumulated. The game has only three controls so you can play it with one hand.

The combination of the things that you can control and things that you cannot control makes the game exciting and challenging. The color of the jewels and the odd jewels is familiar but striking. The dazzling way that the game can destroy jewels in a seemingly infinite variety of combinations is amazing. The game is probably impossible to memorize.

  • Play up to three jewels at once.
  • The game has 25 levels.
  • Auto-play and sneak peak are supported.
  • Game characters celebrate successes and warn of perils.
  • Game is supported in 16 languages.
  • The game can be played individually, one on one, or in an Arcade mode race.
  • The game automatically adapts to device screen size.
  • In game purchases can support game play.

Jewelry King: ZOMBIE DUMB is fast and furious fun. This little game is much more complex than it seems at first. This game is very simple to learn and incredibly hard to put down.

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