Kingdom Wars – Tower Defense 3.3.1

Developer: Springcomes Android Version:6.0 Current Version:3.3.1
Date:Nov 02, 2023

App Review

Kingdom Wars MOD – Since time immemorial, only the brave and mighty have been able to not only do what others can’t do but also get for themselves what others can’t get. This game entails more than just engaging in epic battles. As a player, you will need to subdue kingdoms.

Prepare for battle! Play Kingdom Wars and learn how to effectively defeat an Evil Army. Your own kingdom is surrounded and there is virtually no one to rescue it from the hands of its oppressors. In this game, you will automatically become the hero the world needs by working up your levels to save the kingdom from falling apart. What a huge responsibly? But you’ve already got what it takes:

  • Make use of up to 6 different Booster items at your disposal to win the war.
  • Engage in strategic planning aimed at subduing kingdoms and pulling down strongholds.
  • Activate all available option effects from collected treasures in every stage.
  • Seek help and assistance from all your allies – over 100 ally unit available.

Despite the greatness of this task, you are not alone. In case you don’t know, there are over 200 unique allies willing to fight along with you to the very end.

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