Knock Down 4.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Innovative games Android Version:4.1 The Size:4.5M Current Version:4.1.6
Date:Sep 30, 2020

App Review

Knock Down MOD is a very captivating realistic arcade physics based game, which was recently released by Innovation Games. This game has a similar gameplay with the game angry birds. This game is majorly about knocking down boxes in a lot of interesting and unique levels.

In this excellent game, the player gets to knock down all the boxes in a particular stage with his slingshot, and a limited number of balls made available for him. Each stage has a specific amount of boxes present, positioned at various heights and distances away from the player’s slingshot, and the player just has a specific amount of balls to hit all the boxes and knock all of them down. To complete each level successfully, all the boxes in that stage must be brought down by the limited balls provided. If the player runs out of balls without clearing all the boxes, it’s game over for the player. The player will have to retry that level again.

This game has straightforward controls; all the player has to do is just to drag back the elastic strap of the slingshot, adjust the angle of the strap, and aim the boxes and then release. A new ball will automatically be filled into the slingshot after a hit, so the player doesn’t need to drag the ball into the slingshot again after a hit. The levels in the game are interesting and a little bit challenging also. Every level has a 3-star rating as an award. The number of stars the player gets awarded with is based on his performance.


  • A lot of unique levels
  • Realistic physics
  • Simple UI
  • Amazing graphics

This game has clean graphics, and it also has pleasant sound effects. This game can be enjoyed by all ages, as it has no age restrictions. The game is easy to play and a little bit challenging too on some levels.

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