Konbini Story 3.36 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Gamenami Android Version:4.0 The Size:57M Current Version:3.36
Date:Mar 09, 2018

App Review

Konbini Story MOD is at first glance a cute little game. The deeper you get into this little masterpiece the more that you realize just how real this tiny world is. The complexities of running a convenience store are ramped up considerably in this charming game.

The elements of the game are very true to life. The characters have the huge eyes that many Japanese cartoon and anime characters are known for. The scenery is realistic and does a bit to stretch the imagination. There is a wealth of characters that are realistic interpretations of types of people and some are a bit out of the swamp like a frog. The action in the game is very fast. The main playing board is like a slot machine. You also see the number of moves you made, the amount of money that you have, the number of people that you have in play, and the location you are in.

The objective of Konbini Story is getting money. It is a retail game on steroids. You get money by matching different things in the slot portion of the game. You buy people with the money that you make. The idea is that the more people that you have under your control the more things you can buy and the more money you make on the slot. The main character makes the most money by fulfilling customer’s wishes. The game is very realistic in being a working retail business.

  • Manager players can increase staff to gain more money.
  • Food items resemble Japanese Bento take out.
  • The game has special effects for matching four in a row and five in a row.
  • There are 300 stages with different objectives.
  • There are 40 different characters to collect.
  • No internet connection necessary.

Konbini Story is fast and exciting. The realistic concept may lead any person to consider their own retail empire. The game has humor, lots of color, and combines realism with a bit of the fantastic.

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