Larva Heroes: Battle League 2.7.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Candy)

Developer: tubaN Android Version:4.4 The Size:91M Current Version:2.7.9
Date:Oct 06, 2023

App Review

Larva Heroes: Battle League MOD is absolutely more frantic and more intense than the previous version. The action is so fast that you may need a bit of thumb rest after you play. The little game for Android really does have a lot going for it. The garbage dump setting has improved in quality and in the quantity of oddly shaped bugs that you can be or play as teams with. The powers of the different bugs have been enhanced and the graphic demonstration of their ability to kill the raggedy enemy is funny as well as fast paced. You cannot set the game to display in your language before you start playing. This is an important upgrade from the previous version but Larva Heroes: Battle League is really so intuitive that you can play without reading much of anything at all.

Larva Heroes: Battle League keeps you constantly active. The icon that lets you get more power, gold, and points is constantly appearing and you need to be fast to get the most from it. You can use thumbs, a pen, or a stylus to invoke one or up to six different characters. The new version lets you play as an individual or as a group in either unit mode or hero mode. The game lets you compare your record of scoring with every one of the more than five million active players.

The update contains a coupon that helps you get ahead faster. You thumb the coupon and it goes to your Facebook page. You get sapphires, candy, and gold just for one move. Larva Heroes: Battle League is just simply a lot of fun. The game is free. The intensity level is high and the action is basically nonstop. There is a strategy component in picking the bugs and power levels that fit each stage of the game. Go play and clean up the garbage dump. Come back to this site to rest your thumbs and let us know how you ranked.

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