Leap On!

Developer: Noodlecake Android Version:5.0 The Size:55M --
Date:Oct 17, 2023

App Review

Leap On! MOD – Visiting an arcade all the time might not be possible. So, why go through that stress when you can have the ultimate arcade experience with one touch? Leap On is a mobile game that provides you with the best arcade experience. Get ready to swing around space while avoiding obstacles. You do not want to hit the black shapes. Encountering these shapes immediately disqualifies you from the game reducing your chances of victory. By just touching and holding, you can glide peacefully along the center aiming to avoid deadly barriers and grabbing amazing power-ups as you go. You will need these power-ups as you go as some of them act as a shield to protect you against the black shapes.

Wreak havoc in the space provided with some other power-ups you collect as you swing. You will enjoy the chaos you bring. However, avoid those black shapes at all cost to get the highest score with each play. The higher your score, the more chances of you getting on the leader board. The graphics and soundtrack of the game are enough to make for an addictive gaming experience. The arcade game might not be self-explanatory but with time, you will get the hang of it. The complexity makes such a simple game a challenge which you must scale through.

Leap On game features:

  • Challenging and non-stop action
  • Portrait gaming visual with one touch gameplay in any situation
  • Swing and avoid game
  • Premium visual graphics and sound tracks
  • Amazing power ups to be discovered during play
  • Best mobile arcade experience
  • Records of Achievements and leader boards

Try and see if you are fast enough to swing and avoid the dangerous black shapes with just a touch. Play this mobile arcade game today. It promises to be fun. So, touch, hold and leap to victory!

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