Legendary Stuntman Run 1.8 MOD APK

Developer: Tap2Play, LLC Android Version:4.0 The Size:55M Current Version:1.8
Date:Sep 27, 2017

App Review

Legendary Stuntman Run MOD – Brace yourselves to run the greatest obstacle course you have ever imagine. It is animated, no doubt, but this puts the ‘real’ in ‘reality.’ The 3D interface of Legendary Stuntman Run is mind-blowing. Get ready for the adventure of your life. Race against opponents, emerge the winner and secure the key to the castle. This challenge keeps your heart rate up. You are not allowed to show weakness or fear. This is a test of wits, skills, and strength. So, pick a character, gear up in your helmet and flak jacket, and push forward on the path to glory!

Legendary Stuntman Run is a time conscious, survivor tournament, and the timer waits for no one. You will be challenged to beat the time while avoiding the Sweeper so; you don’t get ‘swept off your feet.’ Focus on springing graciously off every Barrel Bounce: facing the Jump balls without passing out. Watch out for the Wrecking ball cause you do not want to be knocked out on your way to victory. Get a chance to select from a host of Stuntmen, who would assist you on this adventure. Be prepared to tumble, climb, slide, jump, and show amazing skill, as you face some of the fiercest talents on earth. Think of it as, gym class brought to a war zone.

Best features of Legendary Stuntman Run:

  • Various stunt and race missions
  • 3D visual and amazing sound effects
  • Large selection of stuntmen
  • Highly responsive controls
  • Different game modes (hurdles, stunt)
  • Brain wracking, realistic and adventurous play

Prove yourself a titan! Try not to get eliminated and run through this course with strength and assurance. This is something you would want to do every day, and nothing is stopping you. With fast thinking and avid display of skill, qualify for hurdles, race through obstacles, and become a legendary champion!

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