LINE Rangers x RoR II Tie-Up! 9.2.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Ruby)

Developer: LINE Corporation Android Version:5.0 Current Version:9.2.3
Date:Sep 28, 2023

App Review

While LINE Rangers MOD has been out for about 5 years, we figured it was about time we gave the app, which was developed by the aptly named LINE Corporation, its due. The developer, who has quite the prolific portfolio, started out with apps like LINE Pop and quickly expanded, developing everything from fighting games to photo editing apps. LINE Rangers is one of those aforementioned fighting games. LINE Rangers invites players to do battle with an extensive array of colorful and charming characters.

Fans of the game may be reminded of PONOS’s Battle Cats, which LINE Rangers was based off of. This game is deceptively simple. With all the action happening on a 2-D map, your job is to trawl the plains, looking for enemy armies to take down. Players take command of a ragtag team of cuddly creatures. Your job is to bring down enemy bases with your diverse roster of characters. And this is where the difficulty ramps up. While the learning curve is very simple, LINE Rangers offers plenty of innovative opportunities to test your battling mettle. Players will have to carefully consider who they’re sending into battle and what they have equipped.

If you’ve ever played Pokemon or, well, Battle Cats, you’re familiar with how surprisingly challenging it can be to battle fantasy monsters together. Players can usually obtain more monsters at the end of each level but your best bet to gain more powerful allies is to play the luck-based gashapon game, which awards you randomized beasts. Some beasts are amazing. Others, not so much. You will need to spend in-game currency but it’s a small price to pay for a potentially powerful teammate. Players as young as six are sure to appreciate the colorful beasts while older players will love challenging themselves in battle. We highly recommend it for players looking for a cute and colorful diversion.

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