Major Mayhem 14 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: [adult swim] games Android Version:4.4 The Size:42M Current Version:14
Date:Apr 18, 2022

App Review

Major Mayhem MOD – Mobile shooting games have to deal with a really big challenge: playability. Major Mayhem nails it without taking itself too seriously, as it takes the player on an epic adventure where he’ll have to fight ninjas to save allies, and his girlfriend. The game essentially boils down to seeing an enemy, tapping on him to shoot him down, and then proceed to do so as quickly as possible in order to gain bonus points out of combos.

The fully 3D game features fluid animations, bright colors and some well-designed characters and maps. The game is fairly simple, and to those of us who played games in the 90s it’ll bring a lot of nostalgia back, as essentially all you do is shoot bad guys whenever you get a chance to do so, while attempting to avoid their bullets. This is what we used to do in games like Duck Hunt, for example. Major Mayhem clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. It features a few jokes within it, as at the start of the game you’re sent to the middle of the jungle to fight ninjas. Even though it’s all a big joke within the game, a lot of attention was given to detail.

Damage, for example, is shown to the player by removing the main characters’ protective gear. The first hit removes his hat, for example. It adds to the intensity of the game, and makes it look like you really need to be more careful shooting down those ninjas. Don’t worry, however, as the damage never really makes the character end up in an inappropriate way. We can guarantee this is a game you’ll love playing in your free time, so open your play store, download it, and begin the shooting spree! Don’t forget to check out our website on a daily basis to learn about the best android games out there!

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