Make More! – Idle Manager 3.5.14 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Diamonds)

Developer: Bad Crane Android Version:4.4 Current Version:3.5.14
Date:Jan 12, 2023

App Review

Make More! MOD – What is common about this game is that it is a building game like so many others, but it offers even more unlike the rest, and its name means each word: ‘Make More!’ Make More is a simple entertaining game that makes use of intriguing pixilated graphics that is nice looking and a variety of characters to assist you to be very productive.

As the name implies, it requires you to make more by building or manufacturing a bunch of different items in a factory business. However, you don’t get to do it alone; you will be assisted by characters from films, games, and cartoons which are the hard working employees that will ensure you gain maximum profits. There are different factories you can build in Make More! and each has its different characters. The more you make and sell your products, the money you realize from your efforts can be used to buy new workstations. You also have the option to hire a new worker who is sure to start out with almost no experience and low productivity, but you can use your money to boost your workers. This boost will enable them to produce even more in less time and in turn enrich your bank.

The preinstalled features of the game include the following:

  • HIRE ridiculous workers
  • TRAIN your workers to be more efficient
  • CONSTRUCT new factories that will make more crazy items
  • COMPLETE all factories on time to get amazing rewards and make your SENIOR BOSS happy

The purpose of this cleverly addictive game is to keep you tapping nonstop on your screen while you manufacture a lot of all sorts with your faithful tireless workers and in turn earn a lot to make your Big Boss happy. Make More! is the right game to get addicted to and stay productive on the go.

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