Block Master for Minecraft PE 2.17.0 MOD APK

Developer: Lyxoto Studios Android Version:5.0 Current Version:2.17.0
Date:May 11, 2023

App Review

Block Master for Minecraft PE MOD -There is just something irresistible about the square handless pixilated little dudes and their dogs. Map Master for Minecraft PE makes the action faster and the ability to move about the world and kill off more folk in different countries easier than the original father game. The new game is billed as a “lite” version of the master Minecraft game but it really has all of the best features.

You get to pick your map from an extensive menu that includes adventure, player versus player, minigame, survival, roller coaster, and all the other playing fields of the original. The map tool kit is included. The download speed is incredibly fast for even the largest and most detailed cities. You still get to keep a menu of your favorite maps that keep you in the same place you were when you quit playing the last time.

• Three thousand maps.

• Free download at Google Play.

• New version has fixed the bug in the older version.

• New maps added daily.

• Rated five stars by 78 percent of players.

You have to have the original Minecraft Pocket Edition for Map Master for Minecraft PE to work. This new addition really makes the game more fun and faster. The transition from site to site is a lot smoother and you basically can just play for a few seconds and save if that is all the time you have.

You need this one. It is free so there is no big deal there. All of the details from the original game blend into this simpler version but you do not have as many complications. The fights are really more realistic. Someone in Japan has even made up a song to go with the game because they like it so much. You gotta have this because it is just part of the weird.

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