Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival 1.4.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Health & Ammo)

Developer: Bohemia Interactive a.s. Android Version:4.4 Current Version:1.4.1
Date:Nov 05, 2019

App Review

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival MOD – This game perfectly pictures a post-apocalyptic world. There are few humans left. As a player, you have to do everything you can to stay alive. The graphics are digitally enhanced to capture the true state of humans in a world that has been plunged into chaos. As a player, you can see opportunities for survival in the chaotic state.

The first step is building yourself a shelter. The sun, rain, and snow will not be understanding , but you must remain warm and healthy. There is a bar to check your health status. Second, you are entirely on your own, and you must search for food like every other creature. You need to get enough food supply to ensure that you don’t starve to death when embarking on different journeys to either look for food, shelter materials or other survivors. Third, there are ravenous wolves out there, which are ready to take down any human survivor. Since animal flesh is in short supply, these wolves hunt in packs. The only way you can take down these beasts is by designing your weapons using the available materials from nature.

What’s more, you can come across other survivors who have been able to defy the harsh weather through the survival means you have adopted. These survival methods include having your garden, gathering loot from a far distance, building shelter to keep you warm and a host of others. You should also be watchful of your new allies. An opponent may arise in a gathering, strike you dead and take over your loot.

Some of the features of the game are highlighted below:

  • Making use of natural materials to survive the chaotic world.
  • Staying warm at all times to keep the blood from freezing.
  • Keeping yourself well fed to perform various tasks you come across.

You can have your survivor series from the comfort of your home with your mobile phone. This game gives you the thrilling simulate action of a real struggle of humans trying to stay alive in a chaotic world. Do you want to learn how to survive on your own? Get this game and put your survival instincts to the test.

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