MMX Hill Dash 1.0.13036 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Fuel)

Developer: Hutch Games Android Version:5.0 The Size:135M Current Version:1.0.13036
Date:Oct 31, 2022

App Review

MMX Hill Dash MOD is the much expected follow up to MMX Racing. The game was developed by the same company – Hutch Games. This game is absolutely authentic racing. Highly recommended by people that race for real and who also play racing video games.

The standout feature of MMX Hill Dash is the true to life physics. You will not see aerobatic cars that can do impossible movie stunts. You get a very realistic racing experience. The action is fast and furious but it is on a par with reality. The vehicles look a bit tricked out but they are substantially what any person that knows mechanics could build and drive. The different terrain is true to what has been done and what is being done in racing today.

The console display is well thought out. You see your vehicle, your opponents ride, and a large section of the track that you are on at present. The detail of the track, cars, and scenery is really awesome and that is not an exaggeration. You also see elapsed time in the event, how much gas you have, the distance that remains in the event, your car’s logo and number, and the number and logo of your opponent’s car. You also can see your opponent’s face and yours. This is your real face.

  • You can pick from a large number of realistic tracks.
  • You can collect as many cars as you want.
  • Vehicle upgrades can be earned and acquired in the game.
  • Odd vehicles like tanks are available for some tracks.
  • Enabling the picture lets you talk to and taunt your opponent.
  • Sound, color, and volume fit real racing.
  • You can race on ice, in the dirt, on sand, on man made tracks, and at night.
  • Touch to control.

MMX Hill Dash is one of the most realistic and addictive racing games ever made. The idea is to get your friends involved and get bragging rights when you get to the top of the heap. This will be a must have for race fans to play during slowdowns in real races.

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