Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS 5.9.1a MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Gameloft SE Android Version:5.0 The Size:53M Current Version:5.9.1a
Date:Feb 14, 2023

App Review

Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS MOD – Just like Battlefield and Call of Duty, Gameloft prides itself in getting it real in the graphics section. Effects like water droplets which splashes up onto your screen, improved magnificent lighting and other classy backdrops will keep you glued to your phone. With multiplayer and single modes, you are trespassing into unfamiliar territory, but there are several new features that will keep things looking fresh and lively.

One distasteful element in this game is the fact you need to be connected online just to play the ‘single player’ mode. But then, Gameloft goes further to balancing this irritating factor with their decision to eliminate in-app purchases. Meaning that you can earn medals, unlockables, and XP to get access to everything you may be in need of during the course of the game. There are four different classes as noted. Assault stage, Heavy stage, Recon stage, and Sniper stage can be unlocked gradually as you progressively go through the game.

All fighting skills can be customized- this includes some specific features on ammunition to intensify the taking out of the enemy, making it more satisfying and brutal.The story talks about Caydan Phoenix (that is his name) and his crew fighting against the terrorist group known as “World Liberation Army.” This army causes wreckage and havoc across different locations in Japan, Venice, and Italy. There are four or five missions in every conflict zone. Most missions might feel repetitive, but it doesn’t take too much time before there’s an addition to variety.

Key Features

  • 8 Stages with unique skills
  • Powerful online multiplayer-platform: Talk with other players on how to plan your strategies online and coordinate a counterattack in the Squad Chats.
  • Highly customizable controls
  • Great music, voice, and graphic performance.

Modern Combat 5 runs on an Internet connection. So if think you’re prepared for a great online FPS, jump into this splendid game that takes an online multiplayer to whole new level. Perfect for anyone that feels hungry for a solo play, or even team play competition.

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