Modern Combat Versus: FPS game 1.17.32 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gold)

Developer: Gameloft SE Android Version:5.0 Current Version:1.17.32
Date:Mar 18, 2021

App Review

Modern Combat Versus: FPS game MOD is an as yet unreleased first person shooter game created by Gameloft. To get the feel of the game you need to think “Suicide Squad”, “Terminator”, and a definite darker side of the force.

A lot of thought and artistry went into the landscaping of the battle grounds. You get the feel of post apocalypse in some scenes and a feel of a highly advanced mechanized industrial world in others. The coloring and depth add a lot to the realism of the game play. The scenes change quickly because the action is fast. Fast thinking and fast shooting are a necessity for survival and advancement. You have to understand good generalship and what people fit a certain scenario.

Characterization is always a big deal in first person shooter games. Modern Combat Versus: FPS Game gives you detailed characters. You get your pick of sex, size, and alien character. All the characters are arrayed in full battle dress. You have a choice of being a fighter, a spy, a combination of both, or an assassin. This means something like a blend of terminator and storm trooper. The detail of the outfits and dress are extraordinary.

  • The aim of each part of the game is to conquer a small sector of the world.
  • Teams of four combat each other.
  • Players can switch between 12 special agent characters.
  • Each agent has special skills and weapons.
  • Agent powers change with wins and districts.
  • The game has five different maps of districts to conquer.
  • Gaming controls are designed to be FPS intuitive.
  • Preregistration allows players to get free initial game set up with three agents.

Modern Combat Versus: FPS Game is billed as a new era in FPS games and it just may be. The game is absolutely a cut above in graphics, art, and color. This one really does make you think about what you are doing in order to win. The game adds the realism of command thought that many FPS games do not have.

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