My Child Lebensborn 1.7.102 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Sarepta Studio Android Version:4.4 Current Version:1.7.102
Date:Aug 15, 2022

App Review

My Child Lebensborn is now available in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean! You can adopt a young Lebensborn child in Norway after WW2. However, parenting will be difficult as your child grows up in a hostile and hateful environment. This novel provides readers with a different perspective of the war, one that is inspired by the true stories of the Lebensborn children. It also demonstrates how the hatred of our enemies continues to create victims – even after victory has been achieved.
Key Features:
– Influence the child’s feelings, personality and worldview through your choices.
– Look for the effects of your choices in your child’s expressions and body language.
– Explore a gripping storyline based upon true events.
– Earn money as you work, then cook, craft, forage and play.
– Use your time and meager resources wisely.
– Adopt a boy or girl, and support them through a defining year of their life.

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