My Horse 1.38.14 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Developer: MunkyFun Inc Android Version:10 Current Version:1.38.14
Date:Jul 07, 2023

App Review

My Horse MOD is a game that presents a realistic display of different species of horses you can own as well as take responsibility for. Judging by the graphic design, you can enjoy natural actions that come with taking care of horses. You can select a horse that you will train to your taste. The way you treat your horse will determine its optimal performance. Discover real ways to bond with your horse.

Never allow your horse run while unprepared. Your horse needs to be trained properly for it to run faster and better. You can own a stable in which your horses are cared for. You are practically getting involved in a race that will test the endurance level of your horse. A weak horse will only make matters worse, as your horse will struggle at every competition you throw it into. Moreover, you can also combine efforts with friends to train and feed your horses satisfactorily.

There is also a fun loving side to this game. This involves taking pictures of your horse as you feed it and allow it mature for the task ahead. Because your horse will be working for you for a very long period, you’ll begin to understand its emotions. How your horse reacts to unpleasant situations will be noticeable as it can sound very happy or sad. You can imagine what a happy, and a well-fed horse can do for you: cross and jump many hurdles as you pass through the phases of the competitive game.

Here are some of the features of the game as listed below.

  • Feed and train your horse as you prepare for competitions
  • Discover how to keep your horse happy at all time: you’ll notice it in its sound.
  • Bond well with your horse to make it a splendid fast racing animal

If you are considering horse racing as a career or recreational activity, this game will teach you how horses are fed, nurtured and released into the field to test their capacity.

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