My Talking Angela MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Outfit7 Limited Android Version:5.0 Current Version:
Date:May 05, 2023

App Review

The My Talking Tom series has received a great deal of acclaim and gamers who wish to have their own female iteration are in luck, as My Talking Angela has finally arrived on the scene. The objective of this game is simple: the player is tasked with taking care of an adorable white kitten by the name of Angela. You’ll need to brush her teeth, put her to bed at the proper times, feed her and play games with her in order to keep her happy and healthy.

Players are also given the chance to customize her makeup, fashion and hair, allowing her to grow from a sweet little kitten to a full grown cat. If you take proper care of her, she will grow into a superstar. It is as simple as nurturing her, singing to her, feeding her plenty of treats and teaching her how to have a sense of style. When you do right by Angela, she will do right by you and become the best friend that you have always dreamed of having.

In addition to the simple and easy to understand game play and the top notch graphics, there are a number of other features to keep players happy, including:

• Several fun mini games, including Bubble Shooter and Happy Connect.

• Access to the latest fashions to dress your Angela in and the opportunity to select outfits that represent your own unique fashion sense.

• The chance to teach Angela special phrases that she is able to repeat back to you.

• The ability to customize a fabulous home for Angela that she is bound to love and appreciate.

My Talking Angela is a stylish variation on the popular My Talking Tom and a highly addictive addiction to any gaming collection. Want to know more about other games like this one? Be sure to check back regularly.

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