My Talking Tom MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Developer: Outfit7 Limited Android Version:5.0 Current Version:
Date:May 09, 2023

App Review

My Talking Tom MOD is a virtual pet game that gives players the chance to raise their very own kitten from the beginning of its life. You’ll need to interact with your kitten in a variety of different ways, as you will have to feed him, take him to the bathroom and play a series of mini games that are designed to assist him in the process of growing into a healthy adult cat. To ensure that your Talking Tom reaches his full potential, you’ll need to be a patient player and make him an integral part of your daily life.

The graphics are of the highest quality and Tom’s emotions are incredibly life like and true to form, as his feelings change depending on how well you are taking care of him. Tom can also talk and will repeat everything that you say. As you stroke him and love him, you are bound to notice a major difference in how he responds to your commands. Those who are ready, willing and able to make Tom a part of their world are able to reap the benefits of all their hard work.

However, taking care of a cat this cute hardly seems like work at all and there are a wide range of features that only serve to add to the good times, including:

• The ability to travel the world and meet more Toms just like yours.

• Over 10 mini games, such as Bubble Shooter and Planet Hop.

• New coins and new items that are unlocked as Tom goes through different growth stages.

• The chance to create your very own customized Tom by selecting from thousands of different fur, clothing and furniture combinations.

My Talking Tom is one of the best virtual pet games currently available and you will find it difficult to pull yourself away from your new best friend. Want to know more about other virtual pet games? Keep this website in mind for all your future review needs.

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