Ninjump 2.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Shields)

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Developer: Philippe etienne Android Version:5.0 and up The Size:39M Current Version:2.2.1
Date:August 9, 2021

App Review

NinJump MOD is one of the more simplistic games of recent memory and while there is no true depth to be found, there is something to be said for a game that knows exactly what it is and what audience it is trying to cater to. The premise of the game is easy enough to figure out, after all, it is all right in the name. Your job is to control a leaping ninja and keep him from falling victim to all of the items that are in his path and impeding him from true success. While there are some who will find this setup to be unsatisfying and flimsy, I found myself returning to this game far more often than I expected to.

You can scale either side of the screen as necessary and the controls are also easily mastered, since all you need to do is tap them to send him from one side to the other. This game holds a great deal of appeal for a variety of different age groups. Small children and younger gamers will appreciate having the chance to pick up and play NinJump without having to go through a complicated tutorial, while adults tend to find themselves becoming addicted to its hypnotic simplicity much faster than they originally thought.

Competitive gamers will appreciate having the ability to compare their scores with fellow players and if you are looking for a super simple title to help you pass the time on a commute or a rainy day, you can’t do much better than NinJump. I implore all readers to give NinJump a try, as you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by how engrossing such a bare bones title can be. To find out more about other titles that can fit the same bill, you are more than welcome to return to this site as often as necessary.

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