Onirim – Solitaire Card Game 1.4.0 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Developer: inPatienceDigital Android Version:4.1 Current Version:1.4.0
Date:Apr 12, 2018

App Review

Onirim – Solitaire Card Game MOD is an amazing game. You play this game as Dreamwalker who is lost in an enigmatic labyrinth. To survive against time, you must discover the oneiric doors. Failure to do this will keep you trapped for as long as forever. Players wander through cavities of dreams with the hope to luckily discover the door. Where this hope does not materialize, you will loiter in each chamber of rooms. But no matter what happens, you will have several nightmares to deal with. These nightmares will haunt you across the enigmatic labyrinth. In this amazing card game, players have to work against the game. This is the only way to collect the eight oneiric doors before the card deck goes off.

In Onirim –Solitaire Card Game to get the door cards, two options are available. The first option is to play cards of the same color three times in a room. The second is to discard a powerful key card whenever you notice a door appear from the deck. It is your responsibility as a player to decide the best use of each card in both cases. The truth is; a good decision will help you play tactfully around the nightmares. These key cards are concealed in the card deck and when drawn trigger impasses.

This game offers players excellent user interface and robust controls. It has an automated deck management available to players. Stats are available to help track a player’s progress against the game. The game offers an exhilarating solo mode.


Once installed, players have access to certain unique features.

  • Access to play a game in Solitaire mode
  • Access to 2 fascinating expansions comprising of the Glyphs and Crossroads/dead ends
  • Access to original artworks and enhanced animations
  • Access to detailed, turn-by-turn, and interactive tutorials
  • Access to an outstanding scoring boards
  • Access to offline stats
  • Access to many languages

Onirim –Solitaire Card Game is your favorite card game only if you download and play. There is no holding back in the features you can access when you play. What are you waiting for?

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