Operate Now Hospital – Surgery 1.41.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Azerion Casual Android Version:5.1 The Size:56M Current Version:1.41.6
Date:Mar 23, 2023

App Review

Operate Now Hospital MOD is designed interactively. The game doesn’t only allow you tear up patients and pull out bits of metal from their mangled bodies; it gives gamers full reign over everything relating to the running of the clinic. This game is not all about the usual scalpels and antiseptic gels we have become used to when hospitals are mentioned. In the end, it is a combination of great ideas. You are upgrading your space, hiring new staff, and making sure everyone working at the hospital is reasonably happy and relaxed. At some point, you will have to sort out a child’s broken leg.

There is a decent amount of fun ideas included in the game that makes the experience a little entertaining. As long as you worry about waiting around occasionally, or you realize that the job of a surgeon isn’t just surgery you are ready to go. A decent 60% of Operate Now Hospital’s base building has plenty to keep you interested. It is difficult to agree on which part of this game offers the real fun experience. When you are in surgery, it follows a standard and straightforward formula.

There is a guide on the screen that allows you to know when are where to clean and cut. As time passes the game lets you go on your own. You can’t forget what each tool is meant for. You need to ensure you are using them correctly. Careful cuts and wise use of the applicator and laser are all essential to ensuring that you don’t use patients.

Key Features

  • There is always plenty to do for gamers.
  • It is straightforward and does not overwhelm you at all.
  • Includes many interesting characters.

We can safely say Operate Now Hospital is not the kind of game that is designed to reinvent anything although it is well designed, looks good, and there is enough going in the game to keep players interested. Even though you don’t expect it to entertain you very much, you will love lasering polyps or hiring nurses.

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