Paint Monsters 1.33.104 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Jam City, Inc. Android Version:4.0 The Size:55M Current Version:1.33.104
Date:Apr 25, 2017

App Review

Paint Monsters MOD is a free puzzle game, and it is challenging enough for an adult and simple enough for any child to play. It came pre-installed with 150 fun-filled levels with more to come as you get the subsequent app updates. The level gets more challenging as you go higher in the game. It involves matching and connecting of paint monsters of similar colors to blast away the obstacles. The aim of the game is to defeat the villains and restore color back to the world.

The game is designed with a colorful and visually appealing environment that can keep players glued to their devices all day long. The graphics and other unique features such as little voices, funny shaped characters and more are quite impressive.

Features of the game

  • Addition of new and exciting levels
  • Magical boosters and combos to clear full line of monsters
  • Cute characters to join players in the fun
  • Power ups to help defeat the Ink king.
  • Collectibles scattered across the game most especially at harder levels
  • Artistic and beautiful user interface.
  • An ever-evolving map with great graphics.

The main villain in this game is the ink king and his evil minions who are there to suckle the colors out of the world. Vibrant paint monsters are blended in stroke to defeat the ink king and have colors restored back to the world. When they have completed a level by scaling through the obstacles set for the level, their achievement is celebrated with a disco dance party. Wow! Isn’t that awesome?

Paint monsters are not only dripping in colors with excellent graphics, but it’s also challenging, easy to play, relaxing and entertaining. It’s a game that makes you think ahead, and it enhances a player’s mental prowess and capability. But most importantly, it is exciting and can be quite addictive.

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