Pocket Arcade 1.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Kuyi Mobile Android Version:4.0.3 Current Version:1.5.1
Date:Nov 03, 2017

App Review

The Pocket Arcade MOD has come with a new look to keep players spell-bound. Unlike the older versions of the arcade game, this game has been developed to include a list of features which require players to test their prowess. Because this game requires participant’s action, the number of whacks you make will determine the prize you take home. More often players get frustrated because most arcade games hardly deliver jackpots. But that’s not the case with Pocket Arcade. The more you play, the greater chances of winning something big.

What’s more, this game feature requires you to play with your fingers. You watch as the game unfolds as you keep a close eye on the number of points to hope to gain. Asides the points, you can also pick the type of prize you so much desire as a game challenger. The UFO catcher feature gives you an opportunity to look out for prizes that players would normally not find in other games. Moreover, this game also comes with a feature that allows you push coins into a biny. You can become a jackpot winner most likely. Also, the Alien Whacker makes you develop a keener sense to hitting off a mole whenever the spinning is ongoing. As long as you keep playing with your coins, you have nothing to lose, even if you are new to the game.


  • Ability to select your own prizes at will
  • An Octo claw that gives players a hundred percent involvement
  • Very simple to play
  • Gaming experiences are very close to reality

To become a constant jackpot winner with Pocket Arcade, you must play strategically. The number of coins you drop will determine the number of games you win. Moreover, you can also determine the prizes you want to win. You have a claw, a new feature, that allows you pick prizes by a simple rule of selection.

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