Pocket Politics: Idle Money 1.459 MOD APK

Developer: Kongregate Android Version:5.1 Current Version:1.459
Date:Oct 30, 2023

App Review

Pocket Politics: Idle Money MOD is one of the best democratic games ever developed. It was built by a popular game producing company known as Kongregate. The major aim of this game is playing to become a president, increase your respect and popularity, and to have an ultimate influence over people to elect a candidate when you have resigned.

In this game, the player gets to invest in certain kinds of people, and this investment will in return bring the player tons of cash. The game also allows the player to invest in other things as they bring more returns on investment. The aim here is to get a certain amount of money to help elect the player into a certain political position. And with time, the player will even be able to get into the white house. The gameplay is as simple as you can imagine, the player just has to tap on objects such as gas stations that can generate money, and cash will start flowing in. When the player has more money, he can purchase more money generating businesses and more money will start flowing.

To make more money, the player has to help and invest in a lot of lobbies. The player can even get endorsement deals from politicians to get mouth-watering bonuses. With time, the player will be able to build a money generating empire that will draw him more and closer to the white house. Pocket politics also comes with a two-dimensional visual graphics. Also, it also comes with a simple but superb sound effect.

Some of the game’s features include

  • Get endorsed
  • Raise cash
  • Campaigns
  • Rule the world

Pocket politics is fun to play, especially when you see how money flows. The game is also easy and straightforward. It also doesn’t consume too much space on your device, and it runs very smoothly.

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