Power Hover 1.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Energy)

Developer: Oddrok Android Version:4.1 The Size:58M Current Version:1.9.0
Date:Jun 27, 2019

App Review

Power Hover MOD – Have you been practising to control a hoverboard? Congrats! Power hover is for you. Enjoy the handling of a hoverboard and ditch the laws of physics. Gather strength, steer clear of danger while Navigating through the desolate world.

Power Hover is a super challenging, fun, relaxing and addictive game.

The customization system is neat. Users can manage cloud save, if they have Google Play account, making it easy to be in maintain progress on other devices. The gameplay is responsive and fun. The visual is stylish.

  • Compete with your friends on the endless Boss levels.
  • Explore the multiple different themes and beautiful landscapes.
  • Experience the story, told through small interactive cutscenes.
  • Enjoy beautiful pseudo-low-poly art style

Nothing ever felt too difficult or too easy. It is an amazing game with good soundtrack and graphics. Awesome gameplay and the storytelling is excellent. The cutscenes are engaging in an enjoyable and simple way.

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