Puppet Soccer Zoo – Football 0.0.62 MOD APK

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Current Version:0.0.62

App Review

Puppet Soccer Zoo – Football MOD – This game is for soccer fans with the exciting benefit of cute animals added to the game. These animals are controlled like puppets. One of the exciting parts of this game is that you can choose your favorite animal and adjust the configuration settings. There is a large collection of animals available to choose from in the game. When playing this game, you can always upgrade your animals and your stadium complex which has a lot of building in them. When you upgrade, it will increase your money in Puppet Soccer Zoo.

Puppet Soccer Zoo can be played in both single and double player mode. The game is played in 2D graphics and you will definitely get a wonderful game experience. Young people and adults can play this game as it has no age limitation. This game is very addictive.

The game features include:

  • Upgrading stadium to increase money
  • Players can be trained to increase power, speed, and keepie-uppie
  • Players can be healed when injured
  • There are special abilities like super kick, mega spring, chewing gum, ice, slime, and gypsum.
  • Mad goals
  • Over 100 cartoon character animals
  • You get to climb the zoo league season and win the championship cup
  • Play 2 player mode or single player mode depending on your choice
  • You can change the game controls

This game is fantastic and it is worth a five-star rating. You will enjoy facing opponents in the game and scoring as many goals as possible. The game works like real football where you can, pass the ball, shoot and dribble. It is a game worth downloading. You can play the game with your friends. It is a great football game and very addictive. You can always use tricks and strategies to beat your opponent.

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