Rail Rush 1.9.19 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Tickets)

Developer: Miniclip.com Android Version:5.0 The Size:49M Current Version:1.9.19
Date:Oct 29, 2022

App Review

Just like Temple Run, Rail Rush MOD is another endless runner game. Developed by Miniclip, the game features an endless mine adventure where you are tasked as a player to obtain gold nuggets and avoid several obstacles while in partial control of your mine cart. Some of these obstacles include oddly placed signage and broken rails. The main objective here is to get as far as you can in the game, just as is the case with most runners. Your chances of winning big depend on how far you can go in the game. Every time you play, you always attempt to obtain a new high score. You also stand a chance to gain more points in the game when you collect currency to buy items.

This game is very easy to play. You may need little or no explanations at all to get started especially if you have played the aforementioned game – Temple Run. In Rail Rush, you try as much as possible to survive incoming perils while ducking down and jumping at intervals or strafing from side to side. It is a game that gets you on an unending quest for gold. As a player, you are required to swipe down to go beneath obstacles that are high or swipe up to jump over those obstacles that are down low. While controlling your mining cart along the rail, you can switch from one rail to another by swiping from one side to the other. Apart from these and your ability to tilt your device to acquire more gold nuggets, there are no other controls again in the game.

This explains its ultimate simplicity. Along with gems which are worth 10 nuggets, it is important to understand that the gold nuggets you find are the game’s currency, so keep your eye out to grab as much as possible to get as much as you can.

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