Rayman Adventures 3.9.95 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment Android Version:4.4 and up The Size:Varies with device Current Version:3.9.95
Date:February 9, 2022

App Review

Rayman Adventures MOD – The Rayman franchise always brings back positive memories whenever I remember my past experiences with other titles in the series and as a result, I had high hopes for Rayman Adventures. It is my proud duty to report that Rayman Adventures does not sacrifice any of the elements that made earlier entries in the franchise so enjoyable. The endless runner experience that you have to come to know and love is still very much intact and players are able to easily manipulate their character’s movements to their benefit.

The controls are simple and if you have an attachment to the visual style of other games from this franchise, you will continue to feel completely at home. The main crux of this entry in the series is the search for some adorable critters. They are called Incrediballs and by catching them, you are able to plant a giant tree that grows and hatches eggs throughout the course of the game. The tree essentially becomes the game within the game (a meta game of sorts) and I definitely found myself growing addicted to the concept of collecting all the eggs. The eggs become a part of your party and since each level only takes a few minutes to play, gamers tend to find it hard to put Rayman Adventures down.

There are also numerous secret areas and hidden turns that rewarded more skilled players, but the game play is not too overwhelming to those who are less active gamers. If you are a newcomer to the Rayman series, I highly recommend choosing Rayman Adventures as a means of getting started and I enjoyed this game immensely. Readers who are in search of additional information about other titles like this one are advised to check back on a regular basis for more helpful reviews.

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