RULES OF SURVIVAL 1.610637.617289 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Diamonds)

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Current Version:1.610637.617289

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RULES OF SURVIVAL MOD – In an island filled with other human-controlled avatars, as a player, you are faced with the challenge of trying to be the last man surviving in a battle royale. Get ready to showcase your survival skills in this awesome free-to-play 3D mobile game.

Rules of Survival, as it is known, is one kind of survival series that requires players to stay alive. On mobile, it has never felt so intense to hide in a barn. Basically, it’s all about the survival of the fittest. You can either choose to enter the game alone or come along with four more companions to engage in a survival match against several other players, about 120 of them.

  • Access new areas quickly by get one any of the vehicles deserted vehicles you find.
  • Dominate the game boards employing multiple fighting strategies within a massive island
  • Enhance yourself with a variety of weaponry including assault rifles, and SMGs
  • Explore the game all alone or choose to join up with friends

As you work toward being the last man standing, it is your responsibility to do all you can to remain invincible. To help you win the fight, strive to get to gather enough armor and weaponry on time before even embarking on a fighting combat. Stay alive by making good use of your wits and skills.


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