Sea Battle 2 2.9.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Byril Android Version:5.0 The Size:51M Current Version:2.9.9
Date:May 26, 2023

App Review

Sea Battle 2 MOD is the newest incarnation of the age old board game called Battleship. The automated version was owned by Mattel for decades and added a much more sophisticated set of ships and real world charts and maps. The IOS and Android version that is called Sea Battle 2 are a giant leap ahead in portable naval warfare. The playing field is the oceans of the world. This version of battles at sea includes all of the missing craft and additions that modern warfare has added to naval destruction. You get planes, mines, submarines, radar, and all the tools of the naval commander’s craft.

The game board is sectioned into grids just like a sailing chart is. You use the grid to plan strategy and be an opportunist in growing your fleet and defeating other navies. The mechanics of preparation, positioning, and attacks are very realistic. One of the neat tricks thrown into Sea Battle 2 is each player begins their quest for the admiralty by playing against a really crafty artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence forces a player to develop new skills to get rank and command privilege because the AI learns from you.

The second concept of play in Sea Battle 2 is that you can play against the machine only or play against similar players of equivalent rank from all over the world. There are enough players from every country in the world that the next World War can be decided in this game instead of the more deadly way. The game is a bit like a real navy in that you start at the bottom of the ranks and can advance to become the admiral of a fleet.

The game changes at your command to accommodate your needs for weapons and ships based on the sea conditions where you fight and your opponent. Go play Sea Battle 2 for free and conquer the seven seas. Come back to this site (your home port) for new inspiration when you need it.

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